Friends of Paynes Prairie, Inc.
Interesting stats/numbers that impact PPPSP 
All programs (minus staff salaries) are essentially funded by the Friends of Paynes Prairie

Rangers average 5.5 hours per event in preparation and participation in each event

The park service's goal is to be 70% self-sufficient in the near future. Right now, parks are more than 65% (Nov.,'13) self-sufficient which primarily comes from gate receipts and revenues from campgrounds. 

The parks receive about 64% of their revenue from park admissions, 1% from grants, and 35% from documentary stamps on land transactions. 

Legislative allocations for FSP arks makes up 0.1% of the overall budget of the State of Florida. 

Park revenues: 
Florida State Parks revenue was 52.5 million dollars in fiscal year 2011-12. That is an increase of $3 million dollars.

Visitation: Visitation at Florida State Parks and Florida State Trails was nearly 25.6 million since last fiscal year ('10-'11). 

Volunteers: 27,300 volunteers provide more than 1.3 million hours of service to Florida State Parks annually, valued at $28 million dollars. 

Jobs: More than 23,000 jobs were supported as the result of park operations. For every 1000 persons visiting a state park, the total direct impact on the local community is almost $47,000. 

Numbers of parks: 161 parks and 10 state trails which is a total of 800,00 acres of public lands state-wide and 100 miles of beaches. 
Friends of Paynes Prairie, Inc.
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Friends of Paynes Prairie, Inc.
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