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Mission Statement

We support the mission, programs and goals of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park through fundraising, outreach, education, and volunteerism. We carry out a range of support activities from the payment of dues and contributions to the presentation of major special events. We work with Park staff to promote Paynes Prairie by means of community activities, resource management, education, and visitor services. 

                          TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Code of Ethics (in compliance with  CS SB 846)




  • (1)   It is essential to the proper conduct and operation of Friends of Paynes Prairie Inc.  (herein “FOPP”) that its board members, officers, and employees be independent and impartial and that their position not be used for private gain. Therefore, the Florida Legislature in Section 112.3251, Florida Statute (Fla. Stat.), requires that the law protect against any conflict of interest and establish standards for the conduct of CSO board members, officers, and employees in situations where conflicts may exist.
  • (2)   It is hereby declared to be the policy of the state that no CSO board member, officer, or employee shall have any interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect, or incur any obligation of any nature which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his or her duties for the CSO.   To implement this policy and strengthen the faith and confidence of the people in Citizen Support Organizations, there is enacted a code of ethics setting forth standards of conduct required of FOPP board members, officers, and employees in the performance of their official duties.


The following standards of conduct are enumerated in Chapter 112, Fla. Stat., and are required by Section 112.3251, Fla. Stat., to be observed by FOPP board members, officers, and employees.

  • 1.      Prohibition of Solicitation or Acceptance of Gifts

No FOPP board member, officer, or employee shall solicit or accept anything of value to the recipient, including a gift, loan, reward, promise of future employment, favor, or service, based upon any understanding that the vote, official action, or judgment of the FOPP board member, officer, or employee would be influenced thereby.

  • 2.      Prohibition of AcceptingCompensation Given to Influence a Vote

No FOPP board member, officer, or employee shall accept any compensation, payment, or thing of value when the person knows, or, with reasonable care, should know that it was given to influence a vote or other action in which the FOPP board member, officer, or employee was expected to participate in his or her official capacity.

  • 3.      Salary and Expenses

No FOPP board member or officer shall be prohibited from voting on a matter affecting his or her salary, expenses, or other compensation as a FOPP board member or officer, as provided by law.

  • 4.      Prohibition of Misuse of Position

A FOPP board member, officer, or employee shall  not corruptly use or attempt to use ones official position or any property or resource which may be within ones trust, or perform official duties, to secure a special privilege, benefit, or exemption.

  • 5.      Prohibition of Misuse of Privileged Information

No FOPP board member,  officer, or employee shall disclose or use information not available to members of the general public and gained by reason of ones official position for ones own personal gain or benefit or for the personal gain or benefit of any other person or business entity.

  • 6.      Post-Office/Employment Restrictions

A person who has been elected to any FOPP board or office or who is employed by a FOPP may not personally represent another person or entity for compensation before the governing body of the FOPP of which he or she was a board member, officer, or employee for a period of two yearsafter he or she vacates that office or employment position.  

  • 7.      Prohibition of Employees Holding Office

No person may be, at one time, both a FOPP employee and a FOPP board member at the same time.

  • 8.      Requirements to Abstain From Voting

A FOPP board member or officer shall not vote in official capacity upon any measure which would affect his or her special private gain or loss, or which he or she knows would affect the special gain or any principal by whom the board member or officer is retained.  When abstaining, the FOPP board member or officer, prior to the vote being taken, shall make every reasonable effort to disclose the nature of his or her interest as a public record in a memorandum filed with the person responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting, who shall incorporate the memorandum in the minutes.  If it is not possible for the FOPP board member or officer to file a memorandum before the vote, the memorandum must be filed with the person responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting no later than 15 days after the vote.

  • 9.      Failure to Observe FOPP Code of Ethics

Failure of a FOPP board member, officer, or employee to observe the Code of Ethics may result in the removal of that person from their position.  Further, failure of the FOPP to observe the Code of Ethics may result in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection terminating its Agreement with the FOPP.

Draft July 15, 2014 | To be adopted at next regularly scheduled board meeting 14 August 2014






The Citizen Support Organization for Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Amended 15 February 2006 by the Board of Directors (Article VI 14.)

Amended 13 February 2014 by the Board of Directors (Article IX 1.)




14. Conflict of Interest Policy. In order to prevent the personal interest of staff members, board members and volunteers from interfering with the performance of their duties to the Friends of Payne’s Prairie, Inc. or to prevent activities which would result in personal, financial, professional or political gain on the part of such persons at the expense of the Corporation, the Corporation has adopted the following conflict of interest policy and practices, to-wit:

1. Board members, staff members and volunteers of the Corporation shall furnish to the Board of Directors written notice of all conflicts of interest, which shall include but not be limited to the following:

a. A Board member related to another Board member or staff member by blood, marriage or domestic partnership.

b. A staff member, interpreted as an employee of the Corporation, who acts in a supervisory capacity to or is related to another staff member whom he or she supervises.

c. A Board member individually or the company or organization of which they are employed stands to benefit from a transaction involving FOPP.

d. A Board member’s employer receives gifts or grants from FOPP.

e. A Board member or a staff member is a member of the governing body of a contributor to FOPP, with the term “contributor” to refer to financial support additional to mere payment of a membership fee.

f. A volunteer who works on a regular basis on behalf of FOPP who meets any of the situations or criteria listed above for Board members.

2. In the event of a possible conflict of interest or any of the conditions listed above, the Board of Directors shall determine whether a conflict of interest exists, and, if so, the Board shall vote to authorize or reject the transaction or take other action deemed necessary to address the conflict and protect FOPP’s best interest. Both votes shall be by a majority vote without counting the vote of the interested Director even if this results in less than a quorum contributing to the vote.

3. Any Board member or committee member of FOPP who is formally considering employment with FOPP must take a temporary leave of absence as a Board member or committee member until the position is filled. If such Board member or committee member accepts said employment, such individual must resign as a Board member or committee member. A request for a temporary leave of absence shall be in written forms submitted to the Secretary or President and the request and any action taken shall be reflected in the minutes of FOPP.

4. An interested Board member, officer or staff member shall not participate in any discussion or debate of the Board of Directors or of any committee or subcommittee in which the subject of the discussion is a contract, transaction or situation in which there may be a perceived or an actual conflict of interest. However, such member, officer or staff member may be present to provide clarifying information in such a discussion or debate unless objected to by any present Board or committee member.

5. Anyone in a position to make decisions about spending of FOPP’s resources or who stands to benefit from such decision, has a duty to disclose that conflict as soon as it arises and he or she should not participate in any final decisions.

6. A copy of this conflict policy shall be given to all Board members, volunteers or staff members as well as key committee members on a regular basis. Each Board member, officer, and staff member shall sign and date an acknowledgement of receipt of this conflict policy at the beginning of his or her term of service or employment and such acknowledgement shall be updated periodically by submittal of a written conflict of interest disclosure form. A failure to submit such reports annually or inadvertent omittance to submit said periodic reports does not nullify this policy.



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