Friends of Paynes Prairie, Inc.

  Celebrating 26 years of supporting Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

EVENTS; Conducted/supported seven events for the public and members.

Estimated total participants 2,300

1.     Star Gazing at

Hickory Ranch, Paynes Prairie  

             2.     Tom Walker Memorial 1/2 Marathon with the

Florida Track Club  

             3.     Fire Fest

4.     Viva la Florida Geocaching event

5.     park Volunteer appreciation events

6.     Fall 5K road race

7.     Annual Meeting of Members in December

PROGRAMS; Operated and managed activities supporting preserve function, visitor experience and fund raising.

1.     The

Visitor Center and bookstore

2.     Support to the Ranger-led programs

3.     Provide support to PPPSP for updating and initiating school programs

4.     Operated  La Chua Trail Interpretative Program with several volunteers 3-6 days weekly.

a.      Up graded trail volunteer and service capacity (shade tent)

5.     As a fund raising project, negotiated with a Corporate Donor to acquire an approx 9 acre parcel of property utilized upon termination of the current solar park operation. 


1.     Provided information tables to activities as requested

a.      Micanopy 4th of July

b.     UF homecoming parade

c.      Literacy Month

2.     Instituted on-line registration and tracking for visitor events.

3.     Participated in regional and State CSO organization and events.

4.     Contributed to newsletter


  1. Addressed Park Manager’s Friends Project Priorities
    1. Supported pavement remediation of the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail
    2. Resource management through funding equipment rentals and purchases.
    3. Purchased veterinary supplies for livestock management
  2. Supported the Visitor Center , Old Florida Heritage Highway Grant applications
    1. Continued management and special fundraising for $100,000 match
  3. Sponsored volunteer resource management programs.
    1. Sweetwater Branch clean-up,
    2. exotics removal,
    3. native plantings
  4. Planned, laid-out and composed photo book of outstanding Prairie photos for printing and distribution in 2014.


  1. Exceeded revenue estimates and restrained expenses to maintain positive cash flow and healthy balance for the year- see financial reports.
  2. Developed fundraising package and plan.
    1. Applied for Capacity building grant $5000 (unsuccessful)
  3. Rebuilt website on new flexible platform
  4. Membership Development.
    1. Revised and transferred membership database to new platform
    2. Instituted on-line member renewal
    3. Renewed corporate members with certificate program
    4. Expanded benefits for Friends of Paynes Prairie memberships
  5. Held a Board meeting 13 November 2014
    1. Reviewed and evaluated performance v. goals
    2. Refreshed board with 6 new board members and new President
  6. Successfully transitioned to new management.
    1. Reviewed and revised fiscal policy, spending limits, responsibility and by-laws.



We support the mission, programs and goals of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park through fund raising, outreach, education, and volunteerism. We carry out a range of support activities, from the payment of dues and contributions, to the presentation of major special events. We work with Preserve staff to promote Paynes Prairie by means of community activities, resource management, education, and visitor services.

We make a difference



Friends of Paynes Prairie, Inc.
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